Case Study: Investing in Food

Through Douglas Hansen-Luke, HLD Partners, contributed to the Financial Times recent book, Mastering the Commodities Markets. As co-founder of what will be the world's largest food fund, Douglas was invited to write a chapter on investing in food, examining the background and context of agricultural commodities, the risks associated with trading and investing in food, and the ethics and social equity of food investment.

Launched at the Dubai Mercantile Exchange in May the book has been well-received and meets the need to share knowledge in an increasingly important investment segment.

Douglas’ chapter highlighted the nexus between business, politics and ethics. There is enough food in the world now to feed all of its seven billion inhabitants. Through greater investment in waste-reduction, distribution and developing markets, the planet can also provide sufficient food for its needs when the population reaches 10 billion in 2050. HLD Partners is at the forefront of deploying financial capital to meet these goals.

Testimonials on 'Mastering the Commodities Markets'

  • I really like the way it has been written, it provides excellent coverage of the subject matter
    Ahsan Ahmedani, Treasury Superintendent at Cristal (The National Titaniun Dioxide Company Ltd), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • A go-to guide for markets, products and how to trade them.
    Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC) online media
  • 'Mastering the Commodities Market' is an excellent book. It's your go-to book for any kind of meeting, if you're working in energy or have no clue about commodities.
    Victoria Adam, ICAP Energy Ltd.
  • A reference book, or a workbook on how commodity prices impact financial markets.
    Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC) online media